With a large number of large brands (including VicRoads, Thiess and others. ), AFC draws from an enviable spectrum of experiences - ensuring our prescribed solution is what the top of the top experts would agree, is the best fit for your business. 

After we heard all the horror stories from our clients - about how their accountants did them wrong - we knew we were definitely on to something.

It turns out your accountant will be biased about a few things in your business. A few instances, where their self-interest will overshadow what they are supposed to do.

 Even though, they are paid to look after you.

But, in all instances, they chose financial procedures that reduced their amount of work, and increased their rates - at your expense.


Because, they know you don't know what you don't know.

Let's face it - you're not an accountant .. and you are not supposed to be. But, paying for something.. and getting something else?

Well, we are here to change that.

Any accounting or cost treatment you decide? It doesn't matter. For better or worse, we bill the SAME RATE/PRICING, regardless.

Whether you just want us to resolve your profitability issues via consulting or software, our rate is the same. Even if you decide not to change to our way we still charge you for the advice. AT THE SAME RATE. 

As such, we are the only impartial judges that have our interests aligned with you - both commercially an ethically.

Not just because, we also think it's simply wrong to take someone's money .. and not give them what they actually paid for.

So, reach out - if you want true advocates and pre-eminent supporters of your business and way of seeing things.

See if you qualify for our FREE "More Personal Wealth" consult.

Sleep better, feel better, live better through increased personal wealth. Your nights and days will see the difference in less than one month.