We've turned tens of thousands of hours - of analysing the best profit-increasing tech in the world - into a new life for Australian Manufacturers and Infrastructure businesses. Staunchly refusing to work with international competitors, our Australia-based team is here to help you - FAST. Only a quick phone call away.  

Meet the team that's making our national 'business' dreams come true.

Darren Veerapa

Director, (CPA, MPA) CFO

With $2 Billion in revenue, working with giants, such as Vic Roads, Thiess, John Holland, Melbourne Water and 1000+ small businesses too, Darren brings all the latest tech from these behemoths to the smaller operators - at a fraction of the cost. Because all the development costs have already been born by many others.

Alex Vladica

Director, Cost Engineer

Alex Vladica is the IT Zietgiest - that has an answer for every question, a fast solution for any pesky problem. Having made smooth implementations, his hobby (his obsession?), all our clients love him. And him, likewise too. 

Get triple digit ROI's, when property and other investments only go to 10%.

See why AFC has changed the fortunes of all who work with us.